Take control of your biological clock.

Flora helps you plan, predict and pay for your future fertility—on your own terms and timeline.
1 in 6
People will need some form of fertility assistance.
The average cost of fertility treatment over time.
60% +
People have no coverage and must pay out of pocket.
Pay with credit cards or high interest loans, increasing the cost.

Flora is the only individually-owned fertility benefits product on the market. So, you can conceive on your own terms—no matter where you work or live.

Flora allows women to buy low-cost insurance to cover future fertility treatments, including egg freezing, IUI and IVF.

We help you increase your chances of conceiving through lifestyle assessment and provide financial coverage should you require out-of-pocket treatments.

Premiums are affordable and based primarily on age. The earlier you start, the more cost-effective your plan.

Flora is more than an insurance product.

We are a community platform that provides added value through perks, knowledge and support.

Partners with perks for our members include:

Sexual Health
Cool Stuff

Who, me? Yes, you.

If you want just 2 kids without the increased risk of needing IVF, you need to start at age 27. Want 3 kids? Try age 23. And yet more women over age 30 are becoming first-time mothers for the first time in history.

You deserve more control over your biological clock. Our fertility planning tools help you maximize your chances of conception, and we’re there for you financially if you need it.

Go on and build that career and life. We’re here for you when it comes time to conceive.

Who We Serve

Flora is targeted to North American women ages 20-40+ and those forging their own path without traditional employer support.

We focus on women’s fertility health with coverage extending to a partner’s fertility needs on a case-by-case basis.

Coverage may extend past childbirth to postpartum and post-fertility health needs.

Don’t end up needing any treatment? The perks of the program offset the premiums.

Employers and Associations

Offering extensive fertility benefits to every employee can be out of reach for most small employers. Flora enables employers to reward and retain key individuals by sponsoring their Flora benefits. The policy stays with the individual, but you pay the premiums.

Discounted offerings exist for alumni, group, and association members. Reach out to get your team on board.

Channel Partners

We work with select channel partners trusted by women to augment their offerings through a Flora co-brand and collaboration.

Channel partners include product partners, media, and health & wellness apps.

Reach out to see if you’re a fit.

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